How 2 - Vectra 3-Pipe Mod

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How 2 - Vectra 3-Pipe Mod

Post by admin-1 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:09 pm

This guide illustrates how2 carry out the 3-pipe air box modification which allows a larger, easier supply of air simply by using a different panel filter (I used a Pipercross foam filter on mines), and modifying the standard air intake trunking. This modification could be carried out with the bumper in place, but for ease of access I decided to remove the bumper (it was coming off for painting anyway).

Tools Required

Stanley knife, pliers, Flat head screw driver, Junior hacksaw, sand paper.


Remove the lid of the air box by undoing the silver clips around the edge of the clip, then slacken off the Jubilee clip on the top of the box removing the trunking from the air box to the throttle body allowing the lid to be moved out the way. Remove panel filter.

Step 2 (pipe 1):

Upon removing the filter you will see a long tube protruding into the air box.
Using a Stanley knife cut this pipe down until around 1inch remains protruding into the box
(note: there is a metal spiral inside this tube helping its rigidity you will need to use the pliers to cut this spiral where you cut the pipe down.

End result the airbox can now be put back together again (Top Tip: as the clips are hard to both clip on and also to get to on the outside edge, use and old length of electrical cable to hook around the clips allowing them to be easily put on).

Step 2 (pipe 2):

There are 3 pipes outside the air box (one air intake and 2 resonator pipes). The 1st resonator pipe is located under the drivers headlight behind the wheel splash guard:
Using the Junior hacksaw, cut the end of this pipe off at a 90degree opening it up and allowing air in (note: once cut use the sand paper to tidy the edge up).

Step 3 (The 3rd and final pipe):

The final (2nd resonator pipe), is situated along the front panel of the car and requires access from beneath. Locate the pipe and remove it completely (is push fit into the other trunking at the air box end and has 2 clips holding it onto the front panel). As with the 1st resonator pipe, cut the blank end off and use sand paper to tidy up rough edges. Then re-fit.

You can get to this pipe by removing the front grill and using a hacksaw blade on its own.

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Re: How 2 - Vectra 3-Pipe Mod

Post by vauxstar on Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:59 pm

is this a mod that can be done on several vauxhall models or is it just one specific model

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