my vectra gsi

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my vectra gsi

Post by admin-1 on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:49 pm

hi all this is my my story with the gsi.....
i aquired this car in june 2009 on a swap for my 2.5 sri pre face estate that was in immaculate condition for its age.
through the months of driving it found that it was very underpowered for a gsi but still had some fun with it. Very Happy Very Happy Laughing
through the summer of 2009 started to face lift it front bumper,xenon headlights face lift gsi rims and 3 spoke titanium steering wheel....
nothing more was done to it apart from services mot etc...
Come august 2010 it was starting to show its age, rust on the arches bottom of doors etc the normal places for a 10/11 year old vectra...then the power steering rack decided to bust a seal it wasnt too bad at first was toppingup the psf about once a fortnight, then went to once a week, then ended up being everyday Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
as i had a pajero at the time decided to park her up and break it...
as i had another 2 vectras aswell as the gsi,a 2.6 black sri saloon on y plate and a 2.5 sri silver hatch on x plate
and so was thinking of age of cars etc and the gsi drew the short straw....
well thats what i thought.
i pulled her into my garage and started to strip her lights,bumper etc then my missus come up to my garage to me with one of my sons.
i had sarah sobbing in the garage in front of the gsi and my son reece started to sob his heart out as he ran out of the garage... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
well seeing how they both were thought to myself well its the age of the car the engine had power issues and iv got newer cars outside.... what shall i do????
so i said to both sarah and reece,"ok i wont break it i will restore it.more bloody work Smile" they were both very happy again.
think it more sentimental value with them than anything else cheers cheers
so then it was backed out of my garage and stood for a bout 3 months.
then decided to break the silver hatch as that had been an ongoing project for nearly 18 months and not much further foward with it.
the hatch had a good engine that was/is 3.0l spec that i rebuilt from scratch in 2008
the f/l front bumper was in superb condition as it had a respray in 2008 too.
bearing in mind as i had used some of the parts off the gsi for my 2.6 like xenons steering wheel i had all those on the x plate for the gsi..
so january this year started to restore the gsi to its former glory.... Cool Very Happy
at first i took the engine out the x plate then the engine out the gsi and swapped them....
after that it was the body work that needed to be addressed,
it took me 2 long hard weeks and many late nights of prepping the bodywork ready for a full respray.
Mr A Walker is doing the paint and you will see the finish he does, he comes very highly recomended....
pics will follow of all the progress with the gsi....
watch this space folks Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy bounce


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