Fitting Gsi Prefacelift side skirts How2

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Fitting Gsi Prefacelift side skirts How2

Post by admin-1 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:30 pm

Fitting Preface lift side skirts, it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a preface lift or a facelift

If you haven’t got the fixing rails then you need to make some, go to B&Q you need 2 lengths of 15x15 aluminum angle, (around £10 per length)
1. Stick a length of 2inch masking tape to the top of the sill.
2. With help hold the skirt up to the sill.
3. Draw a line across the top of the skirt.
4. Measure the fixing line on the skirt
5. .Mark off this measurement on the sill from the top of the skirt fixing groove
6. With this measurement mark off the sill on the car, this is your alu strip mounting line
7. .Drill fixing holes in the alu angle about 10cms apart.
8. Then fix to the sill drilling holes in it and fixing with self tapping screws or rivets
9. Apply tiger seal to the front edge and the front top edge and the rear of the skirt, and then apply some to the alu fixing groove.
10. Drill 2 holes in the front wing and fix screws.
11. You might need to clamp the skirt while the tiger seal goes off.
12. Some people use gaffer tape, but be careful not to put the paint off when you remove it...
13. Then once left over night, attach the under piece you can either rivet / self tapper or use the C clips from a local iron mongers

Just a note you can buy a pair of side skirts from the likes of ebay for about £50. I called the Vauxhall main dealers for a fixing kit……………………only £75+ vat per side Shocked

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