How to recalibrate the V6 Traction Control system

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How to recalibrate the V6 Traction Control system

Post by admin-1 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:34 pm

Wheel speed information is one of the most important input signals for TC. Used tyres have a smaller diameter than new tyres and therefore a higher wheel speed. If there are different tyre types on the vehicle, this can lead to incorrect TC operation since different information on speeds are given to the control unit when the tyres have different diameters.

To prevent this happening, the Tc system adjusts for different tyre sizes automatically. However it only does so under certain driving conditions and requires a certain amount of time, so it's possible that TC will still malfunction when tyres of different diameters are installed. Incorrect or varying tyre pressures can have the same effect on TC.

To perform the adjustment for tyre sizes:
- Make sure all tyres have correct pressures
- Accelerate to 100-120km/62-74mph
- Coast back down to 70km/43mph without touching the brakes or accelerator.

Do this five times, the TC system will then be calibrated

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