Market place rules and requirements

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Market place rules and requirements

Post by vauxstar on Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:01 pm

The market place on vaux-city is free for all to sell off unwanted parts, cars or anything in general it is NOT for traders to sell mass amounts of items, there are specific forums which can be set up for traders.

but some simple rules must apply to the market place.

Pictures must accompany every item for sale

All items for sale must have a price with them

items advertised as "offers" must have a guide idea of price wanted.

Items must be desribed as best as possible to avoid later problems or disputes

any disputes must be reported to admin or mods to assist in resolvement

if you have a large amount of items you wish to put on and are not a trader please contact admin for approval

all members wishing to buy/sell items, please send admin your address for security purposes.

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